Old GroupPhotographs

Class of 1947 10th (with Names)  Photo provided by Mr Ashok Sharma

Class of 1947 10th (without names but with Help Staff at top Row)

Class of 1951 10-C Photo provided by Mr Brijender Sood

Class of 1957 10-A Photo and titles provided by Mr. Vishwa Nath Sood

Class of 1959 10-A Photo provided by Mr. Ashok Sharma

Class of 1961 10-A Photo provided by Mr Kailash Chawla

Class of 1961 10-B Photo provided by Mr. Kuldeep Singh Bedi

Parliament of 1961 Photo provided by Mr. Man Mohan Bahl

Class of 1962 10-A Photo provided by Mr. C.S. Kheora

Class of 1967 11-B