• Mobilisation for Association started in June 2014. Somewehere in 2004 there was an unsuccessful attempt made to conjoin the ex-students from DAV.  Mr. Vijay Kumar revealed that he still had some funds from that attempted association and deposited in the current account opened after registration of the current association.. 
  • Due to efforts of mainly Ajit Kumar Nanda and Vijai Kumar Sood,  279 members registered initially till November 2014.
  • First General Meeting  was held on 9th Nov 2014 and elections were held for Office Bearers.
  • Constitution was framed and Alumni Association was REGISTERED on 22nd Dec 2014. 
  • Respected SATYA PRAKASH was the longest serving Headmaster / Principal of the school and it is said that he did not accept any salary for his tenure.  The  positive vibrations generated by the GREAT TEACHERS led by Sh SATYA PRAKASH can still be experienced in those premises.